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Senior Javascript Developer (Remote)

San Diego, CaliforniaRemote
About the Job
We're looking for a JavaScript genius to join a killer product development for a leading SaaS e-commerce company.  And, if you can do that… boy, have we got a lot of work for you!

Job description:
  • We are looking for a SENIOR JavaScript Developer. Responsibilities will include the continued development of an advanced drag-and-drop UI browser application with a heavy component of front-end design and user-driven customization. You will also be bridging the gap between our designers and our customers by creating a complex, visual and interactive interface.

About us:
  • Genesis Digital has been an industry leader since 2013.  We’ve got start-up values but professional structure. We also have a wide suite of products, some of which need a plug and play genius to take them to completion. This is THE opportunity to work on exciting new tech (from home!) with an awesome team.
  • This is a solid full-time position with an industry leading company for an A-class software architect with experience and a portfolio of previous works.

  • Develop new user-facing features and expand upon our existing application.
  • Port and refactor existing JS/jQuery code to ES6/VueJS.
  • Optimise application for speed, fluidity and scalability.
  • Collaborate and tutor other team members and stakeholders on quality JS code by enforcing standards and best practices.

Skills and Qualifications:
  • 4+ years as a top-level JavaScript (ES6) and jQuery developer.
  • Proven experience working on shipped VueJS/AngularJS/React heavy projects.
  • Strong understanding of HTML5, cross-browser and cross-domain compatibility.
  • Strong understanding of AJAX, asynchronous request handling and partial page updates.
  • Proficient understanding of browser rendering behavior, and performance tweaks.
  • Familiarity with module loaders such as AMD, Require.js, and other build tools like Webpack or Jake.js.

Bonus Skills:
  • Experience with test driven development and automated tests (PhantomJS, Selenium).
  • Comfortable with SSH/terminal.
  • Experience with MySQL/PHP and working with databases.

LOCATION:  Genesis Digital is a cloud-based organization, so you can work from anywhere. That said, the bulk of our development team is based in Romania, so European hours are preferred.

IMPORTANT:  Bring ONLY Amazing Attitude.  We work real hard, so it’s got to be with other Excellent people.

ALSO IMPORTANT:  Following Directions – and here’s the first set: When you contact us to apply, include a 300 word statement about why you’re exactly who we want. Thank You & Good Luck!
About Genesis Digital

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